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Tom Crone for Green Metro Mayor

Liverpool City Region Elections Crowdfunder

Elections for the next Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor take place on 2nd May this year. The Green Party are pleased to announce their candidate is Tom Crone, Leader of Liverpool Greens and Green Councillor for St. Michaels. Tom says:

“I am standing for Metro-Mayor because I want to see a fairer, greener, better Liverpool City region.

As a Green, I know that you can’t fix the environment without also fixing our communities, and I know that only the Green Party has the policies to tackle both these challenges head on.

For example, an expanded home insulation program that will save people money on their bills lifting many out of fuel poverty. Training in the green jobs of the future so people are ready to be part of the transition to net zero. And a properly joined up public transport and active travel network making travel easier and cleaner around the city region.

With a bold green vision and a renewed democratic culture, Liverpool City Region will be among the best places to live in Europe.”

The funds we raise will be used to send out information about the campaign to the electorate of the whole LCR. We want everyone to know about our progressive vision.

Watch Tom’s video here:

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