The number of Green councillors and candidates across the local area continues to grow as people wake up to the climate emergency and understand the links with social justice.

But to further extend our influence we need the funds to run our campaigns.

To achieve success at election time, we need the means to be able to communicate with our electorates. Your support will help provide us with the vital resources we need such as resident surveys and newsletters so that we can continue to spread our message and ensure that we are able to continue our progress.

Please support our campaigns to improve life in Wirral for everyone!

Donate to: Action For A Green Wirral

Co-operative Bank, Delf House, Skelmersdale, WG8 6WT

a/c no. 50053942 sort code 08-92-50


Monthly Draw


For just £5 a month you can join our monthly draw. There are 2 monthly prizes - a first of £35 and a second of £20. Please consider a standing order to: Action For A Green Wirral

a/c no 50053942 sort code 08-92-50

Once arranged please email your details to:

Thank you!

interested in volunteering?

Our local teams will be hosting regular fun, interesting and social events for you to meet other activists in the area.