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“Thank you Mr Mayor. And thanks to my fellow Green councillors for allowing me to represent them in our response to the petition. I speak as a pedestrian, a cyclist and a driver.

The election was some time ago but I hope I’m not too late to thank the residents of Bebington for electing me. They did so knowing what I stood for – amongst other things, safer roads for people of all ages.

I’d like to thank Mr Jones for taking the time to set up and run the petition. I might not agree with it but I acknowledge the time and effort it takes to run a campaign like this. I know from his work that he has Wirral’s best interests at heart, but I’m very clear when I say that this petition is misguided and all 6 of its key points are, in my opinion, wrong.

The evidence is clear on the reduction in road danger that 20mph can bring. The World Health Organisation endorses a 20 mph speed limit as best practice where motorised traffic mixes with pedestrians and cyclists. Officers and councillors have done an excellent job making the case for our ambitious plans.

Lowering speed limits where appropriate is an excellent use of our admittedly meagre resources. I can see why some residents wonder why we are spending money on our plans, but in a purely financial sense we can be confident it will pay for itself in a remarkably short amount of time.

Congestion has and will not increase with speed limit changes. Congestion, as we all know, is caused by too many cars in a finite space. 20mph will improve this by creating the conditions for more walking and cycling.

There is a reason that Merseyside Police support the work done so far on Wirral. Fewer collisions and injuries (or worse) will allow our amazing blue light services to focus their attention where it is really needed. It staggers me that we have created a system of transportation that is so reliant on an almost daily emergency response. I want to see an end to this, and lower speeds will get us part of the way there. Speeding is anti-social, and creates enormous risk.

The petition suggests the impact on ‘road safety’ will be limited. Mr Mayor, I have attended meetings and met with people who have lost loved ones to road traffic collisions. If we could have spared just one of them, it would have been worth it. The stories are too harrowing to tell, yet for some reason we report them like the weather and nothing changes.

Well, change is coming.

Now, I do understand the negative response. Old habits die hard and driving our cars at 30mph is second nature for many. That doesn’t make the policy wrong though. We have a culture that is in large parts built around access to services, friends, family and work by car – and quick access is expected. The downsides are too big to ignore now. Continued death and injury, school run chaos and clogged urban roads. 

Mr Mayor barely a week goes by without a story in the Liverpool Echo about yet another death on the roads of the Liverpool City Region. 

How many of us read them in absolute horror? We have a plan for ‘Vision Zero’, Mr Mayor. Signed and sealed! Press photos done! Who in this room backs it? Who here is ready to put words into action?

Some of us believe in Vision Zero… while some have Zero Vision.

Think of the lives we could save and the suffering we could avoid. Think of the massive wider benefits that it could bring – healthier citizens, more vibrant local high streets, increased independence of our children and grandchildren – and a clear pathway to reduced transport emissions.

I’m probably getting ahead of myself, but 20mph is a key part of our ambitions to increase levels of sustainable travel.

Is every single road on the list appropriate for 20mph? Perhaps not. I’m more than willing to admit that. The sensible thing to do is to continue the roll out and tweak as necessary from there. To pause everything would not be a conservative approach, it would be reckless.

Tomorrow night the next phase of 20mph roads will be discussed by members of the Environment committee. My ward features heavily so myself, my fellow ward councillors and the residents I represent will be watching.

Mr Mayor, no less than ELEVEN schools stand to gain from safer roads JUST IN BEBINGTON via tomorrow nights decision. Who would deny those children and parents the safe streets they so often ask us for? 

Children cannot vote so it’s up to us to represent them as best we can.

Mr Mayor I campaigned hard on matters of road safety and massive investment in active travel. Thousands of leaflets, emails and countless conversations on door steps. 20mph formed a key part of our campaign. For something apparently so unpopular, imagine my surprise when I gained the trust of well over 3000 Bebington residents.

I want to finish with something to energise councillors of all political colours. Reducing speed limits in this measured way is 100% the right thing to do. On top of road danger reduction 20mph helps address a whole range of our strategic council priorities around health, the environment and the strength of our communities across Wirral.

Most importantly of course, it will save lives.

Mr Mayor, there are no accidents on our roads.

Collisions are the result of design and policy.

We need to make changes to our streets now. Too many families have discovered the cost of inaction. They have paid the ultimate price.

No more delays. No more pauses. No more excuses.

Full steam ahead for 20mph on Wirral.

Thank you, members.”

Councillor Ed Lamb. Statement to Wirral Council on Monday 4th December 2023. ]]>
No ceasefire, no vote – Jo Bird speaks at ceasefire now demonstration https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/2023/11/19/no-ceasefire-no-vote-jo-bird-speaks-at-ceasefire-now-demonstration/ Sun, 19 Nov 2023 21:21:56 +0000 https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/?p=1743 Read More... from No ceasefire, no vote – Jo Bird speaks at ceasefire now demonstration


Saturday 18th November 2023. Liverpool City Centre.

“Thank you Jeremy, Kenaan and Liverpool Friends of Palestine.

Hello, marhaba, salam alaikum, shalom.

My name is Jo Bird. I’m honoured to be the Green candidate for Birkenhead MP.

In my former workplace, the Labour Party, Jewish members like me were 40 times more likely than other members to be targeted for disciplinary action. I’m one of many Jewish people expelled retrospectively by Starmer’s Labour Party.

I joined the Green Party. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The Green Party was the only national party that called for ceasefire, six long weeks ago. Before 13,000 innocent men, women and children were killed.

Hamas is wrong to kill civilians like Omer Simon Tov, 4 years old. Hamas should free their hostages. And Israel is also wrong to kill civilians, like Sham Abusalama, 5 years old. Israel should end the siege of Gaza.

Only the Green Party has consistently supported ceasefire now, peace and justice.

Green councillors have worked with trade unions across Merseyside to end our complicity with Israel’s war machine through our Merseyside Pension Fund.

There are 15 MPs on Merseyside, elected by we the people. Only 6 of our MPs voted FOR ceasefire.

We the people, we need to elect better politicians. MPs that will vote FOR ceasefire. Councillors that will seek justice for everyone.

We all know, if there is no justice there is no peace.

No justice, no peace.

No ceasefire, no vote.
No ceasefire, no vote.”

Proposals to scrap the 418 bus service on the Wirral – Wirral Green Party Response https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/2023/11/14/proposals-to-scrap-the-418-bus-service-on-the-wirral-wirral-green-party-response/ Tue, 14 Nov 2023 15:47:32 +0000 https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/?p=1741 Read More... from Proposals to scrap the 418 bus service on the Wirral – Wirral Green Party Response

To: Managing Directors, Arriva plc, Arriva Bus, Arriva Northwest, Admiral Way, Doxford International Business Park, Sunderland, SR3 3XP

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are writing to object to your proposals to scrap the 418 bus service on the Wirral.

The withdrawal of bus service 418 will negatively impact residents attempting to get to work, to get to Arrowe Park Hospital and to reach local schools. It will reduce residents’ ability to shop locally, to access community & leisure facilities and it will increase social isolation. There is a low level of vehicle ownership in wards along the route and scrapping this service will have a huge impact on our residents who need it most.

Scrapping the 418 bus service will mean there is no bus serving Prenton Hall Road and the surrounding streets, creating a huge gap in the network coverage.. All the while, buses from west Wirral on their way to Birkenhead and Liverpool overserve Woodchurch Road, often more than one bus arriving at a time, whilst Prenton Dell residents are to be left with nothing.

Anyone living on the Old Chester Road or roads off it, trying to get to Arrowe Park Hospital will have to get a bus into Birkenhead and out again, doubling their journey time. The 418 is the only bus that connects residents at the lower end of New Ferry to Arrowe Park Hospital. Alternatives are significant walk away, especially for the elderly and those with impaired mobility.

You, Arriva, outline how you want your “buses to be more than just a mode of transport…something to help everyone make valuable connections” how you want to “help individuals connect with their communities”. Retaining the valued 418 bus service would do just that.

The Arriva Group states

  • you are ‘rooted in our local communities…still a local company at heart in the markets where we operate’. Retaining the valued 418 bus service would demonstrate that you are in fact rooted in our local communities.
  • “Contributing to a more sustainable future is at the heart of our vision to help shape a future
  • where passenger transport is the best choice” Retaining the valued 418 bus service enables residents to choose to use the bus.
  • “’doing the right thing’ is one of our core values”. Retaining the valued 418 bus service is an opportunity to ‘do the right thing’.

We are also frustrated at the lack of consultation. At no point were residents consulted and at no point have the views of Councillors been sought.

We hope that you will reconsider your proposal to scrap the 418 bus service on the Wirral and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Councillors Jo Bird, Chris Cooke, Harry Gorman, Naomi Graham, Judith Grier, Ed Lamb, Craig McDonald, Ruth Molyneux, Kieran Murphy, Jason Walsh

Why Birkenhead Market is Crucial for the Future of Wirral’s Greenbelt https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/2023/11/05/why-birkenhead-market-is-crucial-for-the-future-of-wirrals-greenbelt/ Sun, 05 Nov 2023 22:42:24 +0000 https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/?p=1729 Read More... from Why Birkenhead Market is Crucial for the Future of Wirral’s Greenbelt

Birkenhead and Tranmere councillors Pat Cleary, Ewan Tomeny and Amanda Onwuemene recently met with Birkenhead Market traders.
Birkenhead and Tranmere councillors Pat Cleary, Ewan Tomeny and Amanda Onwuemene recently met with Birkenhead Market traders.
The future of Birkenhead Market will be decided in a few weeks' time. This is crucial, not just for the future of Birkenhead, but also for Wirral's precious green belt. Cllr. Pat Cleary explains why.

Wirral’s new Local Plan is currently subject to government examination. The draft plan is based on several key principles which have been unanimously agreed by all four political groups in Wirral (which is under no overall control i.e. no one party has a majority on the council). Those key principles include:

  1. Housing supply needs to expand significantly. The 15-year supply growth required by the Plan is 6.1% or 13,360 dwellings. Adding a buffer or contingency the Plan targets overall supply growth of just over 16,000 dwellings.
  2. All of this supply growth is to be achieved in existing urban areas: Wirral’s Local Plan seeks to meet all of the Borough’s housing and employment development needs over the next 15 years within existing built-up areas, largely through the redevelopment of brownfield sites and by putting the heart back into the older urban areas. This is commonly referred to as a “brownfield first” strategy for new housing.
  3. The regeneration of the wider Birkenhead area is fundamental and crucial to meeting the housing supply figures. Approximately 50% (~8,000 dwellings) of new housing is targeted for this area which is described in the Plan as “nationally significant” in terms of its potential to deliver new housing.

This is encapsulated in the Plan’s 15-year vision for Birkenhead by which time the town will have:

“grown into a thriving urban community on the left bank of the River Mersey. Chosen as home by families and entrepreneurs alike, drawn by the unique, historic waterfront environment and iconic design. A place of creativity, innovation and fun, a place to put down roots. The connectivity of city-living, in harmony with nature. A place with room to breathe and space to grow. We are Re-imagining Re-discovering Re-connecting Birkenhead.”

Changing Birkenhead – how it works and feels, how it is perceived by residents and potential investors – is fundamental to delivering the housing numbers and, by extension, protecting the greenbelt.

That’s because of what is often termed “market failure”. Land values and house prices are currently too low to attract private developers to build new housing in Birkenhead. Brownfield land reclamation is expensive and property values are currently too low to justify reclamation and redevelopment. The area needs pump priming with public money to address the cost of new housing supply and improve demand via regeneration.

For that to succeed it’s crucial that the green belt is protected as it will always be cheaper for developers to build on green belt land than reclaim and redevelop brownfield sites.

Simply put, the regeneration of Birkenhead is crucial for protection of the green belt and protection of the green belt is crucial for the regeneration of Birkenhead.

That’s why everyone in Wirral, no matter where they live, should be concerned about and supportive of the regeneration of Birkenhead.

Without a thriving Birkenhead Wirral’s green belt will not be protected.

So, where does Birkenhead Market fit into all of this?

To its immense credit, Wirral Council has been hugely successful in attracting government regeneration funds. The main government schemes have now been combined into one fund known as Pathfinder. Wirral Council’s Pathfinder funds total £73m. This money needs to be spent by March 2026.

A flagship part of the regeneration programme for several years has been a new Birkenhead Market. This would be built on the current House of Fraser site (aka Beatties). It would replace the existing market and link to a refurbished public realm incorporating the new market, St Werburghs, Central Station and the new housing site at Hind Street (up to 1,600) new homes.

To date, at least £600,000 has been spent on designing the new market. Extensive public consultation has been largely positive in its responses. The new building promised not just market stalls, but a badly needed food and beverage offer for the town and a significant residential scheme of over 80 apartments. £2m in additional grant funding for the housing element was also secured.

All in all, a very exciting prospect for the town and something that started to move the dial in terms of how Birkenhead is perceived.

But, recently that narrative has changed.

Earlier this year rumours started circulating that the council’s regeneration team was abandoning plans for the new market due to rising costs and the council’s newly acquired purchase of the Pyramids and Grange shopping areas. Instead, traders would be decanted to the former Argos building.

None of this was discussed with or presented to councillors. No options have been presented to the council’s Economy, Regeneration and Housing Committee. The new market remains a part of the Wirral Growth Company. Its website continues to advertise a new market on the House of Fraser site. This remains the only scheme approved by members.

Alarmed by these rumours, Green councillors have consistently asked for a clear delivery plan for regeneration schemes and full disclosure of options available for Birkenhead Market. Neither has been forthcoming. What we do know following our questions is that at least £24,000 of public funds has been spent investigating a market “decant” to the Argos building. This spend has never been discussed with or authorised by members.

Inevitably, given the lack of transparency, reports have surfaced in the media - Councillors 'kept in the dark' as concern spreads over Birkenhead plans is one recent headline which neatly encapsulates the frustration of elected members who, let’s not forget, are the ultimate decision makers. It is no longer just Green councillors who are raising the alarm. The local MP, members of other parties and the Towns Deal Board have all voiced concerns.

What was an exciting narrative about the creation of a new, vibrant and thriving Birkenhead has become a story about booting market traders into a substandard premises which is described as a medium-term solution at an eye-watering cost of over £6 million. The plans for a new market in Argos flies in the face of all the urban design principles set out in Birkenhead 2040, the delivery framework of the Local Plan.

Shockingly, market traders have not been consulted on this. When ward councillors met with the Market Traders Committee last week there was no support for the proposal. Meanwhile, since the council took control of the market to facilitate the wider regeneration of the town, the number of traders has fallen by almost half and it can now take up to ten weeks for the council to issue a new licence to operate in the market. It is truly shocking how the current market has been mismanaged by the council.

Meanwhile, despite the uncertainty about its future, Wirral Council has begun to demolish the House of Fraser site.

This stuff really matters. The last thing we need is a version of the St Johns fiasco in Liverpool. Plenty of other places have got it right most notably Northgate market in Chester. Ellesmere Port has what look like eminently sensible plans to refurbish its existing market within the kind of cost envelope well within Wirral’s grasp.

What now?

There is now a very brief window to rescue this situation. Wirral Council needs to urgently regain and restore the narrative around the future of the market and, by extension, the future regeneration of Birkenhead and the protection of Wirral’s green belt.

December 6th is the date for the next meeting of the Economy, Regeneration and Housing Committee. According to the council’s Chief Executive:

"A comprehensive report (on Birkenhead Market) of the Director of Regeneration and Place will be submitted to Economy, Regeneration and Housing Committee meeting on 6 December 2023". 

Green councillors are demanding a full and detailed appraisal of the options for Birkenhead Market. These must include:

  • A new facility on the House of Fraser site
  • Refurbishing the existing market
  • A move to Argos or another site within the town centre.

Such appraisals must be realistically, rigorously and honestly costed, must incorporate the results of public consultations held to date and must reflect the views of market traders. Any recommendations must be consistent with the Birkenhead 2040 framework and the new Local Plan in fulfilling the promise to help transform Birkenhead and protect the green belt in Wirral.

Specifically, assurance is needed for councillors, residents and businesses that council policy has not been changed to property management rather than the regeneration led plan which has been set out and unanimously supported by all parties of the Council.

It's time for the secrecy to end, for open and transparent decision making and for Wirral Council to show that it really cares about the future of Birkenhead.

Jo Bird: Ceasefire Now! https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/2023/10/24/jo-bird-ceasefire-now/ Tue, 24 Oct 2023 12:56:42 +0000 https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/?p=1717 Read More... from Jo Bird: Ceasefire Now!


On Sunday 22nd October, thousands marched from St. Luke's (bombed out church) to Derby Square to call for the cessation of violence and ammunition in Gaza. Our own Cllr. Jo Bird made a rousing speech, which you can watch in the video above. Here's the transcript:

Let’s hear it for the organisers of today’s protest - Liverpool Friends of Palestine!

Today we are cross-community. Today we are all faiths and none. Today we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel and in Palestine.

Our compassion is not selective. Our first thoughts are with the innocent victims. Young people taken too soon, like Abdel Rahman and Yousef Abumousa, 7 and 5 years old, killed yesterday. Arbel Siman Tov and Yiftach Kutz, 6 and 14, killed two weeks ago.

We know in our bones that its wrong to kill civilians and kill children. It’s a war crime. Whether it’s through bullets, bombs, deliberate drought or hunger – it’s a war crime. Whether its by Hamas or Israel.

Hostages and prisoners, denied fair trial, should be released immediately. And parties should NEGOTIATE  for lasting peace.

I’m a Green councillor on the Wirral. Wirral is half the size of Gaza. Gaza is TWICE the size of the Wirral with SEVEN times the population. Bombing Gaza is a war crime.

I am also Jewish. My Jewish great grandparents fled deadly fascism in Europe for safety in England. Some of my family perished in the Holocaust. As Marek Edelman said, he was a leader of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. He said, "To be a Jew means always being with the oppressed, never with the oppressors.”

Like many of us here today, we have family and friends in Israel and Gaza. Brave 17 year olds who refuse to serve in the Israeli army, like Nori Magen, Tal Mitnick and Ella Greenberg. They won’t serve in the army of occupation nor siege.

They, like us, we say CEASEFIRE NOW! CEASEFIRE NOW!


Most Jewish people, like me, we do not live in Israel. We also say as Jews, NOT IN OUR NAME! NOT IN OUR NAME does Israel kill innocent civilians.

Here in Britain too, we can end our own complicity. We should stop our government, our pension funds and our factories supplying arms to only one side – or even any side. There should be no Israeli pilots or Saudi pilots flying war planes in our sky, over the River Mersey.

So what do we mean when we say ‘Palestine shall be free’? We mean free from apartheid, free from siege, free from occupation.

You know, in Northern Ireland, its only 170 miles from here, there was another seemingly intractable, conflict for many years, for decades. Thousands of people were killed. There was also a ceasefire and then there were negotiations. The Good Friday Agreement saved thousands of lives and negotiations is the route to lasting peace.

So friends, cousins, we have so much in common. We even share our greetings. Salam alaykum - shalom alaichim. Peace be upon you. Ceasefire Now!CEASEFIRE NOW! CEASEFIRE NOW!

[Singing with Rica Bird]

And everyone ‘neath a vine and fig tree, shall live in peace and unafraid.

And everyone ‘neath a vine and fig tree, shall live in peace and unafraid.

And into ploughshares beat their swords, nations shall make war no more.

And into ploughshares beat their swords, nations shall make war no more.

Councillor Spotlight: Amanda Onwuemene https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/2023/10/23/councillor-spotlight-amanda-onwuemene-2/ Mon, 23 Oct 2023 12:19:37 +0000 https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/?p=1699 Read More... from Councillor Spotlight: Amanda Onwuemene


Councillor Spotlight is a series where Green Party UK put the spotlight on a Green Councillor from either England or Wales, asking them a set of questions and seeing how they’re getting on in their role.  This month, it's the turn of Cllr. Amanda Onwuemene (Birkenhead and Tranmere), one of 13 Wirral Councillors working hard for their communities in Wirral. Read on to find out more ⬇️

First of all, what motivated you to stand as a candidate?

I live in my ward and have done for many years, my immediate family also live within the ward or in surrounding wards.

I chose to stand as a Green Party Councillor as I felt the need to act on some of the issues around poor health statistics and worsening environmental issues that were becoming increasingly noticeable. I have a background in health, lecturing, quality assurance and mental health.

All of which I believe qualifies me to be a voice within council to scrutinise the councils public health policies and social care contracts to ensure that the ongoing improvement in the determinants of health and wellbeing and quality, equality and equity in service provision, and fair employment rights, benefits and pay awards are at the forefront of the council’s proposals and the Wirral Plan.

In the run up to election, what did you find most surprising on the campaign trail and was there anything that you learned that perhaps changed the way you campaigned?

I would say that that having never been involved in an election before, every part of the campaign trail was not so much a surprise, I’d read Target to Win!

It was however, enlightening, coming from a quality assurance background to see that there was a formula to be followed that would lead to increased votes and hopefully a win on the night. I particularly enjoyed meeting and talking to residents and realising very quickly that the concerns I had for the ward were shared by the people I hoped would be voting for me.

I think that really powered me on as I then felt I could campaign for things I felt really strongly about knowing I had the support of the residents and neighbours in my ward. We were all ‘on the same page’.

At what stage did you think…’wow I might actually win here? Was there a pivotal moment?

That moment came at the actual count…the energy in the room was really high and as I observed the table and noted quickly the votes coming in I was overjoyed to see the number of votes against my name.

It was a fantastic feeling to know that all of these people who may or may not have met me or may have just read about me in out leaflets, had decided to put their faith in me and given me their vote. I felt extremely proud and honoured as well as a real sense of responsibility to ensure that I carried out my councillor duties to the absolute best of my abilities.

Are there any tips you would give to someone that is about to start their own election campaign for council?

Door knocking for me was the best part of the election campaign, which is lucky as its also crucial to understand why your residents want a councillor in the first place. Door knocking sets out your job description as far as your residents are concerned, you get a clear steer as to what they will want and need you to do.

You are the interface between the council and your resident’s but your residents are the people who voted for you. You work for them and with the council. Make sure you have a good supportive group around you, include everyone you can think of or at least give them the opportunity to join.

The work to get elected is always going to take a lot of energy so take care of yourself along the way, take breaks, eat good food and laugh, laugh a lot!

You’ve been a councillor since May 2022. What can you tell us about your experiences so far?

Well, it’s been a steep learning curve. Since being elected it’s been quite a whirl for me of meeting residents (of course!), officers, building relationships with the organisations within my ward, the shop keepers, GPs, housing officers, in fact everyone who has an impact on the residents in my ward.

I have a real curiosity about people and being a councillor supports me in finding out what or who is behind every door in my ward! Becoming a councillor has also opened up a wave of learning opportunities, inhouse with the council's own provision, which is extremely helpful in supporting me in this role.

The Association of Green Councillors(AGC) is another very useful organisation to join, again providing lots of learning packages and initiatives and useful data and reports which can make life so much easier and the Local Government Association (LGA)is another brilliant find for training and support.

Conference is a fantastic way of getting to understand how the Green Party runs and manages itself, in a way that is quite extraordinary for a political party.

Attendance is a must if you are interested in understanding how it works or if you want to get involved in the process itself. It is also great for meeting like minded people and sharing ideas. There are also regional conferences which are an excellent way of meeting people more local to my ward. I really enjoy attending these too as I’m more likely to meet up with the same people again and friendships can form alongside a sense of really getting to know someone.

Wirral Council has a committee system. Last year I sat on Adults, Social Care and Public Health Committee, Constitution and Standards and health and Wellbeing. This Year I am sitting on Adults, Social Care and Public Health Committee. I feel that I am in the right place to fulfil the reasons that I stood to be a councillor. To improve the health and welfare of the people living in my ward.

And can you tell us about your proudest achievements since being elected as councillor?

My first was probably becoming the Green Party's National Spokesperson for Policing and Domestic Violence. You can follow me on @Amanda_Spoke …and my second just a couple of weeks ago at Autumn Conference 2023 in Brighton, where I presented the Greens of Colour Speech to Conference with Tyrone Scott.

You were elected to Wirral Borough Council which Green Policies are you keen to implement there?

Where do I start! If you’ve listened to my speech, you will understand where I’m coming from!! I am keen to implement the following Green Party Policies:

• Air Pollution- This is both an environmental and public health emergency which damages health of the earth and all of those living on it and reduces our life span.

• Housing policy- setting genuinely affordable rents for secure, warm and comfortable homes that are appropriate to the needs of the residents. Along side this policy would have to run the Local Planning and the Built Environment because we need to protect and encourage open green spaces and biodiversity for overall planet and peoples health.

• £15 an hour minimum wage and a universal wage to lift people out of poverty and allow them independence and self- determination in life.

I think with the implementation of these few policies alone, there would be a rise in life expectancy, improved overall health and well being and mental health outcomes. A basic need of all people is a warm affordable home, green open spaces and freedom from debt and poverty.

What do you need from the local members and supporters to achieve your goals?

Their continued support and faith in me doing a good job, for I am capable and willing.

Maintaining the dialogue and communication between what is needed and required and how that outcome can be achieved and managed is crucial. Until we are in power in some areas of life, expectations still have to be managed due to Government policies, but with the next General Election there could be a massive swing towards Green Policies. Roll on the day when we have the majority of MPs in the House of Commons.

You have the opportunity to send a message to Green Party members here, what is your message?

If we are to be ready to win a General Election, then we have to be a united party we have to be outward facing and pushing for our policies to be implemented.

We have to be a supportive party, we need to be able to steady and hold one another, take over from one another to give people a rest, know when someone needs a supportive hand.

I believe one way of us becoming more collegiate is through us all taking responsibility to implement the recommendations of the Diverse Matters Report. We have all to work together and this report gives us all a tool that we can share, discuss and work on, alone, through reading it and together through discussion, training, reviewing what we are already doing and what we are comfortable with.

The things we are comfortable with may feel anything but for others, so this party has to be a comfortable space for everyone sharing it. We have to be willing to negotiate and compromise, rather than demand of people, but bring others with us. Are there truly any others? If we consider that there is more that joins us than divides us, then I think we have a good starting point to maintain relationships.

We have a lot of work to do once in power and its important that we are united in changing how the world treats the Earth and every- one on it. We start that journey with us, within the party.

Finally, where would you like to see a Green win next?

The House of Commons!

Thank you Amanda!💚

A Standing Ovation for Equality https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/2023/10/20/standing-ovation/ Fri, 20 Oct 2023 22:04:33 +0000 https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/?p=1644 Read More... from A Standing Ovation for Equality

Wirral councillor Amanda Onwuemene (Birkenhead & Tranmere) received a standing ovation for her speech at this year's Green Party Conference
Wirral councillor Amanda Onwuemene (Birkenhead & Tranmere) received a standing ovation for her speech at this year's Green Party Conference

At this year’s Green Party Conference in Brighton (6-8 October 2023), Cllr. Amanda Onwuemene (Birkenhead & Tranmere), one of Wirral's 13 Green councillors, received a standing ovation for her speech alongside Tyrone Scott, Chair of Greens of Colour. Amanda also spoke on the Police Committee beside Jenny Jones and others, answered questions from the audience, and was elected onto the Equality and Diversity Committee.

Adrian Ramsay, Co-leader of The Green Party says: “My impressive colleagues Tyrone Scott and Amanda Onwuemene delivered an incredible speech on how we Greens are the party to represent marginalised communities, we celebrate difference and are welcoming and supportive to everyone”.


Wirral Green Party Supports Pride https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/2023/08/29/wirral-green-party-supports-pride/ Tue, 29 Aug 2023 14:00:13 +0000 https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/?p=1560 Read More... from Wirral Green Party Supports Pride

The second Wirral Pride event took place this year on the 12th August at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton. We were pleased to have a stand in the upper foyer and celebrate diversity and the campaign to ensure respect for all. Thank you to the organisers and visitors who came to the stand and discussed ideas and asked questions, joined the party and shared their concerns from their local areas.

L to R: Cllr Jason Walsh (Bebington), Jane Turner (Co-Chair & Campaigner for Hoylake), Moon, Marlene West, Mark Wilde, Lily Clough, Yvonne McGinley, Caroline Keightley, Emily Charley, Janine Pinion (Campaigner for New Brighton) and Jim McGinley (Co-Chair). Photo: Ash

Discrimination remains in many areas of life such as housing, education, employment and health and LGBTIQA+ Greens campaign for a fairer and more just society.

“We aim to increase awareness and understanding of LGBTIQA+ issues within the Green Party, progressive movements and society as a whole. We also aim to increase awareness and understanding of Green and progressive values among LGBTIQA+ people.
“LGBTIQA+ Greens aim to build a more sustainable and just society where everyone is valued, respected and empowered regardless of their sexuality, gender identity or intersex status.”
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Read their stories in full:

Jo Bird

Luke Agnew

Jane Turner

Paul Davies

Ruth Molyneux

Cllr. Jo Bird

Cllr. JO BIRD “They came for me in November 2021 for talking, 3 years earlier, about the racism I deal with as a Jewish person and for standing up for people facing injustice.”

Luke Agnew

LUKE AGNEW  “Within six hours a party bureaucrat had searched my social media and decided I was a supporter of socialist appeal for sharing an article 3 years prior. I was expelled for life because of it.”

Jane Turner

JANE TURNER  “Labour seemed not to notice that I’d resigned and might not have noticed until my membership failed to renew, so I joined the Green Party as a way of underlining that they absolutely did not represent me anymore.”

Paul Davies

PAUL DAVIES  “I read online about the Core Values of the Green Party and realised (after a long read) that they had already adopted most of the policies that I had been struggling for years to get the Labour Party to adopt.”

Cllr. Ruth Molyneux

Cllr. RUTH MOLYNEUX “The policies around environmental, social and economic justice are impressive and Green Party Councillors voted against the closure of the local services I had been campaigning to save.”

Wirral Greens demand end to Gill Netting https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/2023/07/10/wirral-greens-demand-end-to-gill-netting/ Mon, 10 Jul 2023 11:57:59 +0000 https://wirral.greenparty.org.uk/?p=1465 Read More... from Wirral Greens demand end to Gill Netting

A porpoise trapped in netting found off Leasowe Bay
A porpoise trapped in netting found off Leasowe Bay

The Wirral Green Party today called for an end to gill netting in the area. The motion, proposed by Councillor Pat Cleary and seconded by Councillor Judith Grier, will be put before today’s full Council meeting (July 10th).

Gill nets are a type of fishing net that is left unattended in the water. They work by entangling fish by the gills as they try to swim through, which kills or fatally injures them. Gill nets are non-selective, meaning that they can catch a wide variety of fish, including young fish, fish of protected species, and non-target species.

The Green Party motion notes the harmful effects of gill netting on fishing populations and other marine life, especially porpoises and fish-eating birds such as grebes and divers. The motion also notes that other authorities such as Cornwall Council, Devon County Council, and Northumberland County Council have imposed location-dependent restrictions on gill netting.

The motion calls for the introduction of a bylaw in consultation with the Fisheries Authorities that would prevent gill netting in Special protection areas and Ramsar sites around the Wirral Coast. The motion also calls for the review of council-issued licences around parking on Wirral beaches, which allow fishermen to bring equipment such as gill nets onto the beach.

Decades of overfishing combined with the increased warmth and acidification of our oceans means our marine life is under stress like never before. The recent heat-wave in the waters around our coast with temperatures 5 degrees above normal has astounded scientists. It is a clear and siren call as to the ongoing and accelerating collapse of earth’s life-support systems.

The least we should do as a council is to ensure we are not making these huge problems even worse by facilitating additional stress on our marine life via unsustainable fishing practices.

“Gill netting is an indiscriminate fishing method that has no place in our modern society,” said Councillor Cleary. “We are calling on the council to take action to protect our marine environment and ban gill netting in Wirral’s protected areas.”

Councillor Grier said: “The relevant authorities need to move at pace to protect our marine life in the Dee Special Protection Area & the Mersey Narrows and North Wirral Foreshore Ramsar site. Gill-netting is unacceptable and needs to be stopped as soon as possible.”