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Greens win Wirral Council recognition of the human right to housing

Green councillor Jo Bird said, “Mazel tov to Councillors Ed Lamb, Helen Raymond and Craig Mcdonald on your first speeches to full Council. You’ve done the residents of Bebington, Eastham and Rock Ferry proud.

As co-leader of the Green Group of Councillors, along with Cllr Pat Cleary, and on behalf of the Green Group, we’re pleased to support this motion as amended. 

We add that Council further recognises that everyone has the right to standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself or herself and their family, including housing, as stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

On Wirral in Property Pool Plus, Band A residents, there are 222 people – that’s people who are statutory homeless or getting homeless relief duty, for example. 

In Band B, there are 1,386 people. Including residents of my ward Bromborough, like Kirsty Chapman and her family. They rent from a large private sector landlord, Port Sunlight Village Trust. Her home is in significant disrepair and it suffers from damp and cold because the energy performance certificate of it is less than C. 

So Council is therefore requesting that the Director of Regeneration and Place brings a report to the Economy, Regeneration and Housing Committee, within this municipal year, providing information and making recommendations to address:

Firstly, the needs of all people on the Wirral who are homeless, rough sleeping or in temporary accommodation – including people seeking sanctuary from war and violence.

Secondly, to look into the availability and planned construction of new council housing and socially rented housing on Wirral, with secure tenancies and affordable rents. I know this isn’t a small ask. It’s a significant piece of work to bring the information forward.

Thirdly, protections available to that social housing stock from the right to buy and the right to acquire schemes. 

I’d like to also thank all the housing workers and the good work they do, supporting all kinds of people in housing need. Thank you.”