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Review of the Year 2020-21 from Pat Cleary

Our election results in May 2021 were a fitting reward for all of the hard work that so many members have undertaken over the past 12 years. Our vote in Bebington was easily the highest for any candidate in all of Wirral, matching our achievement in Prenton in 2019. Across Wirral we secured an amazing 16% of the total vote and would, under PR, have at least 11 councillors.

This means there is now Green representation on all council committees which means we have a direct say in every single key decision the Council makes. The resulting impacts are far too many to mention but include:
· Support for biodiversity via reduced grass cutting, beach raking and the use of chemicals in
parks and gardens
· A much higher profile for road safety and active travel with increased investment in cycle
networks and traffic calming

· A distinct green footprint on the regeneration plans for Birkenhead and the wider East Wirral area
· A lower carbon footprint for Wirral thanks to, for example, changes in car parking charges and reduced energy consumption in council buildings
· And, of course, thousands of residents have far better representation thanks to our strong, consistent and effective engagement.

With our expanding membership and volunteer capacity we are now active in four wards and can look forward with optimism to the next elections in May 2022. As ever, our results will depend on how many people we can motivate to remain and/or become active in our campaigns.

I’d like to thank all of the officers (past and present) and everyone who has campaigned to
help secure all of our achievements over the past decade. We can all be very proud and
should look forward with optimism to further rewards in the years ahead.
Pat Cleary