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Update from Wards November 2021

In Birkenhead & Tranmere:
 Safer streets as funds secured for new alley gates, cctv and lights
 More and more people are converting allley ways into amazing community spaces supported by councillors Pat Cleary and Emily Gleaves
 Pat and Emily continue to take action on behalf of residents street by street

In Bebington:
 With support of Green councillor Jason Walsh, Highcroft Day Centre Services saved for now as pressures have been reduced on Wirral Evolutions by Wirral Council
 Judith Grier is asking the Council to do more to increase safe accessibility to Storeton Woods as numbers on the petition rise to over 520
 Another successful Action Day took place in October with another planned for November

In Prenton:
 Green proposals to back low traffic neighbourhoods receive cross-party support. This will reduce pollution, halve traffic accidents and enable more people to exercise
 Green ward councillors supporting Prenton Rugby Club offering space for local groups and
becomes a community hub. It is also creating a new nature trail and inviting local schools to
enjoy tend the garden

In Seacombe:
 Rae challenges fly-tipping as residents get fed up with inconsiderate fly-tippers
 Rae inspects all of Seacombe’s parks and suggests to the council where additional litter bins
would help
 Hopes to reopen Seacombe library as residents have their say about what they want from
their library